HHFflyer presents

The Hollywood Harvest Festival

The line up:

Funkdoobiest – Aceyalone

Live ultra funk band: Beat Mosaic

Oxygen Eternal – Dame55 – Brittani Cherelle




Funkdoobiest is an American rap group from Los AngelesCalifornia. The original members were Son Doobie (Jason Vasquez), DJ Ralph M (Ralph Medrano) and Tomahawk Funk (Tyrone Pacheco).



Eddie Hayes, better known by his stage name Aceyalone, is a rapper from Los Angeles, California. He is a member of Freestyle Fellowship, Haiku D’Etat and The A-Team. He is a co-founder of Project Blowed.

Beat Mosaic


Funk that you can’t leave alone. Funk that you think about the next day, hoping it will call you.

Beat Mosaic, is an irresistibly sassy soul band from Los Angeles, California. Anchored in a classic funk sound that evokes comparisons to the Meters and theMGs, this 8 person outfit broadcasts a sound with attitude in the extreme. Showcasing gritty vocals and biting horns, roaring organ and purring Wurlitzer, Beat Mosaic weaves a tapestry of funk, soul and afro-beat that is by turns laid-back and uproarious, equal parts Budos Band and Curtis Mayfield, Jimi Hendrix and Bill Withers. They defy you not to dance. Living in the golden zone where tasty song-writing meets expert funkmanship, Beat Mosaic is a soul band that throws its weight around on the dance floor.



In a world filled with plastic product and false harmonies it`s good to know that there are still a few cats down to put in the time and effort for their art. In an era of Remedial rhymes and boil in a bag beats Django has got the nutritious sounds to soothe the palate. On his latest release Django takes the reigns as writer, producer, performer, pilot, shaman, time traveler, among other things, singing, rhymin, and all around funkin for fun. As the creative force and founding member of Herbal Influence he has traveled the inner space of silence and the outer realms of chaos only to transverse the wormhole and return to share his stories of the cosmic gypsy.

Django has recorded and performed with the Grammy winning band Ozomatli, George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars, Norwood Fisher of Fishbone, members of Freestyle Fellowship, Blowfly, Trulio Disgracias, and countless other Hopsters and Funkateers though the years. If you have the change to catch him live I suggest that you do it, it is an experience like no other.

This latest record Oxygen Eternal allows for a cornucopia of new styles and fresh ideas. Recorded in the clouds at the Oxygen Compound the music tends to draw you into a world unlike any other filled with color, charisma, and humor. Truly a blend of all of the above this music will take you inside your mind, where you mind goes after that is up to you. Part party manifesto, part spiritual journey, all groove. Django got somethin` tasty for your ears…



Dame 55 Hip Hop Artist, Comic Enthusiast/Writer started out as a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. Dame grew up listening to hip hop, funk, electro, and ragtime music, all these influences make up his sound: “High Energy Free Thinking!!”. Influenced by the culture that surrounded him, he began traveling the world promoting his first official mixtape NEW B.L.A.C.K . Having worked with such artist as Boyz Noise, Jarvis of Iglu and hartly, and toured around Europe, Dame musics is authentic A to z. His talent has lead him to SXSW , CMJ, and has performed with the likes of Lil Jon, Eli Paper Boy Reed ,Wale,Boys Noize, Chiddy Bang, J davey, Mickey Avalon, YelaWolf and more..

Dame 55 of The Dorks, a movement of trend-setters who are dedicated to industries of fashion,music art and culture.By adapting new avenues to express creativity they are quickly becoming the leaders of the today and shapeshifters of the future.

With his next chapter in the whoisthepopkiller saga “Free Thinking I$ Expen$ive” on the way, Dame presents us with the alternative side of hip hop.

Brittani Cherelle


Brittani Cherelle is a Singer-Songwriter Southern California native with roots in Los Angeles and San Diego. She studied music theory, guitar, piano, jazz voice, classical voice and opera. Brittani Cherelle has teamed up with Producer Jaz1 of M87 Blackhole Ent. to create and deliver a music project combining some of her many loves; Soul, jazz, triphop, & electro-synth harmonies.

2 thoughts on “Concert

    420nurses (@420nurses) said:
    November 23, 2013 at 6:32 am

    420Nurses Cant wait!

      mona romero said:
      December 6, 2013 at 4:52 pm

      Id like to continue to get i nformation about these event and upcoming events.

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